Years of experience working with private equity and venture capital funds has taught us how important gaining a full view of target companies real growth potential is when assessing an investment opportunity.

To help teams do this we have developed a Growth Potential Assessment focusing on evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s growth activities through indicative proxies.

The Growth Potential Assessment helps private equity and venture capital deal origination teams to quickly build a more detailed understanding of the potential for growth of an investment. It identifies the areas that need to be further investigated and validated to support the investment thesis.

The assessment combines advanced software tools with the experience of our growth experts to deliver a detailed analysis of a business’s growth potential, focusing on the three key components of growth maturity: Customer Success, Lead Conversion and Lead Generation.

Download the Growth Potential Assessment product sheet here

The Growth Potential Assessment reveals the target investment’s:

  • Ability to acquire, convert and keep customers

  • Maturity and proficiency of marketing performance

  • Potential to achieve short and long-term growth

To discover how our Growth Potential Assessment can help you to quickly understand the growth potential of a target company contact Anna Zelenkova at: