It’s amazing how often we see startups that neglect to provide a strong and compelling follow up to prospective customers interested in their product or service, or they move on and drop prospects who are not ready then and there. They let would-be customers just slide through the cracks.

The two main reasons for this are:

  1. Lead nurture is not seen as a priority. It takes a backseat to acquisition or marketing hands are washed of further responsibility once an interested lead is identified.
  2. The right technology to give the marketing team control to easily build automated nurture programmes is not in place.

The idea behind lead nurturing is to deliver the right information and answers to leads according to their stage of the buyer journey. Since 50% of leads will not be ready to buy, yet are still qualified, investing time in a nurture programme can significantly increase the chance of customer conversion and reduce the cost of acquisition, therefore having a positive effect on your unit economics.

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