Working with large companies

We help large companies create an internal growth culture that enables them to be successful in a fast digital future.

Culture Transformation

We help HR and Marketing leaders transform the way people act and interact (behaviours), the way they work (processes), the way they are organised (structure), and the value they bring to the table (skills).

This involves driving the cultural shift that enables the digital transformation of their businesses:

  • Current culture audit

  • Ideal culture concept development (values, mission, ownership, cooperation etc)

  • Culture transformation roadmap

  • Culture transformation resource allocation and leadership mentorship

People Engagement

We devise, create and roll-out communications and strategies that drive employee engagement in transformation processes.

Employee Relationship Management is in this case approached as Customer Relationship Management and includes:

  • Employee segmentation

  • Communication workflows

  • Engagement tracking and scoring

  • Creative ideas and campaigns

Innovation Acceleration

We help large companies nurture and grow great ideas, transforming them into great businesses through early-stage corporate accelerators.

We get involved with the companies interested in exploring this road and help them:

  • Define strategy

  • Build partnerships

  • Attract great teams

  • Manage acceleration programmes

  • Mentor founders

  • Attract external funding

Organic Growth

We help large companies identify, understand and address opportunities to create and deliver preference-driving value that reignites market share growth.

We use Leap Quotient Evaluator to deliver a comprehensive, evidence-based report that benchmarks an organisation’s capabilities on 100 Performance Drivers, as well as a bespoke action plan for maximising brand strength and improving its ability to drive sustained business success.

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Marketing and Communications

We enable large companies to be as agile as successful early-stage businesses in marketing and communications.

We help them isolate fast-growth ideas or products by providing them with the same growth engine that we use with high-potential / high-growth businesses.

  • Design optimal user journeys and experiences

  • Integrate customer-related data

  • Ensure a tighter link between marketing and sale teams>

  • Make data-driven marketing and product decisions

  • Develop and test bold ideas

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