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People are the energy of fast growth organisations. Their ambition, skills and knowledge, are the key ingredients to success. The companies that have a strong growth culture are intrinsically more ambitious and attuned to achieving higher growth.




Behaviours are extremely hard to change, but getting them right is key to enabling successful growth. Therefore it’s important to hire people who share the values the company represents.

However, minor fixes can always be made to behaviours when a company goes through a business transition.

The expected behaviours need to be:

  • Connected to the business goals

  • Demonstrated by the leadership team

  • Properly communicated

  • Continuously encouraged


Different processes work for different clients and industries, but it is key that within a company they are universally adopted and understood. 

In our experience companies that align their processes to the following are more successful:

  • Business goals

  • Customer centricity

  • Integration & automation

  • Data driven decision making

  • Continuous optimisation

Data management and analysis are important enablers, reinforcing these principles in the best performing companies.


The structure of the marketing and digital team is most efficient when it is aligned with the company’s business goals and growth ambition.

When defining the marketing structure, the most effective way is to do so by aligning it directly with business goals, rather than by function or channel.


The more the marketing and digital team structure reflects the business goals, and encourages individual ownership and shared learnings, the better the results.


Skills are how the team get things done. However when formulating which skills are needed, managers tend to focus on employees’ abilities to perform specific tasks, rather than to fulfil a specific growth purpose.

In our practice, management defines missions and purposes for individuals and teams, therefore providing ample opportunities for them to expand the specific skill sets required to achieve those goals.

That’s why soft skills that take longer to develop and cannot be outsourced are a crucial component of the team performance and business growth.

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