Working with Private Equity businesses

We start by helping Private Equity teams understand the potential for growth in their investment opportunities. We take a rapid assessment and help them validate that potential with due diligence.  When the deal is closed, we help Private Equity operations teams intervene, restructuring the go-to-market and igniting business growth. Finally we help strengthen the exit case by underlining the long term growth potential of the investment and its future development.

Evaluate Growth Potential

We offer a view on the stage of the marketing activity and maturity of potential investments.

To correctly evaluate assets and their potential for growth, we analyse and evaluate:

  • The digital skills of the business´s existing resources, and the gap between the asset and a growth business.
  • The existing marketing technology; the integration of data and analytics with the core business systems; and the time and resources required to address this.
  • The assets’ brand, perception and competitive positioning.
  • The ability to effectively convert leads in order to repeat sales at scale, integrating and controlling the complete acquisition funnel.
  • The potential benefits to reducing current customer acquisition costs and addressing inefficiencies.

Download our Growth Potential Assessment product sheet here

Intervene in invested businesses

We back PE professionals by providing on-demand experienced teams with multiple skills.

We help PEs intervene in their invested businesses by:

  • Working with the PE operational teams adding the marketing and go-to-market capabilities and capacity to intervene in investments to deliver immediate impact.
  • Providing the invested businesses with growth-marketing experienced teams we can quickly restructure the go-to-market approach and kickstart the growth engine.
  • Helping the invested businesses build their teams with the right skills, enabling them to continue to drive growth and increase in valuation.

Create Accelerated Growth

We help PEs portfolio companies sharpen how they approach and grow in their chosen markets.

We work alongside the management teams to provide the additional capabilities or strategic direction to:

  • Develop a growth culture in the business, and cover any skills gaps.
  • Refine the business offering and market proposition based on the growth possibilities.
  • Set up the growth and go to market capabilities on performance marketing & sales and content & communications.
  • Ensure the right data flows and analytics are in place to optimise business growth.

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