Working with Venture Capital businesses

We help our VC client teams focus on the top-performers in their portfolios, spend more time on sourcing and executing new investments, and concentrate on evaluating exit opportunities. We also help them be more appealing to some founders when deal sourcing, by being able to provide growth and go to market support capabilities, while keeping the headcount down and increasing the quality of support to the ventures.

Test Prototype to Audience Fit

Testing the go-to-market approach as early as possible and validate the assumptions of the product-to-market fit and its unit economics.

Before setting off on the go-to-market, most ventures test their product to market fit. This is the right thing to do.

These tests are frequently tainted by “confirmation bias”: the tendency to search for, interpret, and favour information in a way that confirms the pre-existing beliefs or hypotheses. This can result in a misguided go-to-market approach at best, or a flop in the worst case.

We help ventures independently validate the assumption of product to market fit and its unit economics by running the pilots and testing the initial go-to-market approach.

By collecting the first sets of marketing data, supporting or dismissing the original hypotheses, we can also help ventures understand how to improve the product and ultimately maximise the chances for success of the new product launch.

Build the

Helping ventures build the acquisition engine to generate opportunities, nurture leads, close sales, and drive customer success.

We structure the go-to-market around four areas of activity, which we help invested ventures implement progressively in marketing sprints:

  • Mapping the needed digital marketing skills for the venture to become a growth business, covering the gaps initially, and helping to recruit the right skills progressively.
  • Helping to build the optimal marketing technology stack for that venture and making sure data flows between marketing and business systems.
  • Building the venture brand, its perception, and competitive positioning.
  • Building the structure to effectively convert leads to repeat sales at scale, integrating and controlling a complete acquisition funnel.

Launch and Gain Traction

Deploying experienced multi-skilled marketing teams to help ventures successfully go-to-market.

We work with VCs to help their invested businesses power-charge their market launches, and cover the extra work and tasks at this critical moment of the venture growth.

By providing the invested businesses with growth-marketing experienced teams, that have been working together for years on multiple projects with great results, we can quickly plug into a business with people that have successfully worked for a number of ventures before.

This gives the invested business the time to adequately staff for growth, with the right skills and culture, keeping the costs controlled while growth accelerates, rather than front-loading with costs.

Scale and Accelerate

Helping ventures stay growth fit, providing advisory and execution by specialists

Some business are growing, but just not fast enough. They fail to accelerate in growing audiences and increasing sales.

In many cases though, they may need improvement rather than intervention or restructuring.

We partner with the venture founders or management teams to:

  • Develop a growth culture in the business or cover any skills gaps identifiable.

  • Refine the business offering and market proposition based on the growth possibilities.

  • Setup the growth and go to market capabilities on performance marketing & sales, and content & communications.

  • Ensure the relevant data flows and analytics are in place to optimise business growth.

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